Master Studio, Prof. Irmgard Frank, TU Graz
Based on the competition House of Prayer and Learning Berlin

The House of One is organized within a compact block in Vienna. It is a center of dialogue between religions, with Christian, Jews and Muslims constructing a building that houses a church, a synagogue and a mosque. An elevated perimeter wall frames the house of the three religions. The inner organization of the house is built on an orthogonal grid. On this base, in the ground floor level, a squared room is created. This common space is a place of meeting, dialogue and understanding. With one corner, the room opens up towards the calm and more intimate south-east side. At the same time the entrance emerges on the main facade, facing the market square – an always opened door that invites to enter. By ascending the main staircase the space gets more and more light from above. The sacred rooms optimal utilize the site and in a balance create the biggest possible rooms. Necessary serving functions embrace the diffusely illuminated praying rooms. The third important level is on the roof, which is the opened place of the common discussion. By bringing beliefs together in a public urban forum, it shows that encounters with unfamiliar cultures can provide a new view in the city of Vienna.